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 Snowflake Series

         It is exciting to cut out paper snowflakes and see the wonder that unfolds. Likewise, we have enjoyed drawing and coloring creative new snowflakes. It’s always a rich surprise to see what happens when one little design is repeated five more times in a circular pattern.

We hope all you creative coloring artists will enjoy adding your own touch of genius to our designs from the alley. Notice that all the snowflake books have coloring tips on the back covers.

Share your work with us by sending a snapshot or scanned picture to:  saxonsisters@email.com.

We’ll post your work and comments along with our own excited comments. It is SO FUN for all of us to see what other coloring artists do with a picture. Color on!

This series of four color books is based on nature’s six-sided snowflake pattern, or mandala. There are over 30 new designs in each book, a few of them are not snowflakes—to give you a little variety—but are just as fun to color.

The books are:
Celtic-inspired Snowflakes, Dragon Snowflakes, Flower Snowflakes, and Whimsical Snowflakes.  All four books can be ordered through Amazon.com.

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