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In the shadow of Mount Baldy, in a humble cottage, Marie and Dawn learned to love the gifts of art, literature, and music by the bedside of their mother, who was ill.

When their mother died, they continued to sing, read, draw, color, make paper dolls with enchanting wardrobes, and create cardboard box homes with imaginative paper furnishings.

The girls grew up, saw much of the world, and have again come home and teamed up to spin their own world of magical fun in Saxon Alley—not that far from old Mount Baldy.

Marie says, “I envision Mama smiling down on us as we again draw, color, paint, and escape into our own little alley of happiness. I hope to share our fun with everyone looking for a little reprieve in this troublesome world.”

Marie, the older sister, (only by two years), studied art and music for three years at BYU-Idaho and Provo, Utah. She left college study to have and love a family while doing professional portrait work, and teaching piano. She later went back to college and finished a bachelor’s degree in writing.

Dawn, the younger sister, (only by two years), studied art and marketing, and worked her way through college winning beauty pageants. She graduated from SUU with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and then started her family. She used her skills to lift a young marketing company into the light. She is a wonder at home decorating—her early passion for paper furnishings having turned into an appreciation for the real thing.

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