Thursday, November 3, 2016

Green Man

Green Man  (from "Celtic-Inspired Snowflakes" by Marie Scott & Dawn Andrus)

I used mostly Berol Prismacolor pencils in this picture. They are a higher and softer grade of pencil that give great vibrancy of color, and layer well.

I wanted to do this picture mostly in forest colors rather than fall colors, but I worked in some fall colors simply because I love color. You could call this a kind of neighboring color scheme,(colors beside each other on the color wheel. Greens and neutral browns.), but because of the reds you could also call it a complementary color scheme, (colors across each other on the color wheel. Red & green). I used many colors of green: some layered with blue, some layered with orange or red, and some layered with yellow.

I laid color down in layers, sometimes burnishing with a white pencil in between layers, sometimes not. I also shaded mostly by fading into different colors rather than by shading with one color. That's achieved by shading with one color, then layering with the next being careful to grade in the color gradually. Fun stuff!


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