Thursday, November 17, 2016



(from "Flower Snowflakes" by Marie Scott & Dawn Andrus)

I used Crayola and Berol Prismacolor pencils, and smoothed them with petroleum jelly.

This is a gorgeous Magnolia design, and I had to do it in the pinks and greens I love most. It is a fairly straight forward complementary color scheme, with touches of yellow, lavender, and light teal.

The pinks and dark pinks I laid in with crayola colored pencils. Then I added vibrant Berol Prismacolor colors on top and smoothed it all with petroleum jelly. This can make for very dramatic color. Then I worked in touches of yellow and lavender on the petal edges. I also used a mix of two greens on the leaves, then added teal blue to the stems and leaf centers. I just love to put in as many touches of different color as I can, even in the dark pinks of the border.  After the picture was done, I scanned it into a photo shop program and flood-filled a light teal border as a cool contrast.

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